Max Rippon’s work explores pattern, text, ornamentation, language and how these shape our thinking and discussion of the world around us. His often abstract and at times psychedelic works – primarily paintings, assemblages, sculptures, installations and murals – are created with consideration for the hypothesis of linguistic relativity, the controversial theory that language strongly influences our view of the world.

By utilizing traditional painting methods alongside mechanical and digital reproduction techniques Rippon embraces the errors and contradictions that form within the work to reveal the malleability of visual language and our patterns of thought and behavior.

Rippon has shown his work internationally with solo exhibitions in Basel, Cologne, Barcelona, Brussels, Portland, San Francisco, and London as well as participating in many curated group shows from New York City to Romania. He has created murals and other public works in cities, remote villages, and abandoned structures across 36 countries in three continents.

Born and raised in New York City Max Rippon received his BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

All images ©Max Rippon